Sphinx Enterprise
Video Surveillance

Centrally Managed
Live MJPEG Streaming, picture in picture and thumbnails
SharePoint / Web Portal Integration
Automated Notification and Security Workflows

The Video Solution for the enterprise

Integrate surveillance videos in your every day working life

See if there's a free space available on the car park for your guests or find out who was the last in the supplies room without ever leaving your desk. Save time by getting an overview of your companies surroundings from your PC.

Outside working hours Sphinx Enterprise is a full computerized alarm system which detects movement and suspicious behaviour. Define workflows to handle situations: Play alarm signals, automatically schedule safety checks, raise fire alarms or notify security personnel.

Sphinx Enterprise is based on the consumer product Sphinx 2.1, which offers maximum protection by digitally signing movement alerts and video stills. Sphinx is available as a free trial download since October 2012.

Download and try Sphinx 2.1

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