Sphinx 2.1 Video Monitor
Sphinx 2.1 Video Monitoring System
Monitor your home or business
while you are away
Sphinx 2.1 monitors IP, USB and integrated cameras connected to different PCs and saves video images to the database when movement is detected
Sphinx 2.1 Video Event Viewer
Fastest video viewing possible
Watch hours of surveillance video
in a few seconds
You don't have to watch the whole video anymore. Watch only movement alerts.
Sphinx 2.1 Public Key Server
Alerts are digitally signed
Captured videos can't be changed
or replaced anymore!
Sphinx 2.1 is a complete private video surveillance software. Every change to the video alert database will be detected.
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Sphinx 2.1 Video Monitoring System

Palkotools Sphinx 2.1 is a complete video surveillance software

Sphinx 2.1 Video Monitor Movement Alert

Palkotools Sphinx 2.1  monitors IP, USB and integrated web cams and raises alerts when movement is detected. On alert an external notification program can be started and  event log entries with captured video frames will be saved to the database.

Alerts are digitally signed

The true strength of Sphinx 2.1 is its integrated cryptographic key infrastructure. Sphinx 2.1 is equipped with its own key server to digitally sign alerts in the event log database. No event log entry or captured image can be altered, added, replaced or deleted without the key owner noticing it.

Fastest video viewing possible

There is no faster way of viewing surveillance videos than using the Sphinx 2.1 event viewer. Hours of video material of different cameras can be viewed in just a view seconds by just watching the video frames, that were captured when movement was detected.

Use event logs and captured video frames in your office software

The event viewer is as easy to use as an email client. Export single video frames or whole parts of the video event log including all captured video frames to disk for use with your favorite office software.

Easy database setup

To get the maximum performance out of your PC, Sphinx 2.1 uses a SQL database engine to store events and captured video frames. The database setup is performed in one easy step using the Sphinx 2.1 database setup tool. There is no SQL knowledge required.

Full documentation included

Learn which cameras to use and how to secure your video PC.



Full trial version: 30 days free!
Download now!

Sphinx 2.1 News Blog

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