Brand Information

Palkotools is the trademark for video surveillance software

Trademark Business Status

Business operation ceased

Currently there is no business operation. All products and services reached the end of their life cycle. There are no other products in development at this time.


Former Products and Services

Published Palkotools products

  • Palkotools Sphinx video surveillance software
  • Palkotools SMS Sender command line tool
  • Palkotools DiskHash file compare tool
  • Palkotools DataShield storage system
  • Palkotools Color Profiles for Microsoft SharePoint web portals

Provided Palkotools services

  • Palkotools Sphinx Enterprise Support
  • Palkotools DataShield Enterprise Support
  • SharePoint Portal Video Integration
  • Palkotools Jaylex Image Automation Services


Business Summary

100% customer satisfaction

During the business operation more than 150.000 users visited the Palkotools websites. Palktools software was downloaded and installed more than 10.000 times. Our feedback poll showed that 100% of all customers were satisfied with our products.

We thank all customers and partners.

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